Protection Systems

6.1 Acrylic & Anti-Carbonation Coatings

KingCoat A

One component, high build, water based, microporous acrylic elastomeric protective anti-carbonation coating system with exceptional weathering resistance.

KingCoat S

One component, solvent based, high performance aliphatic acrylate protective coating with excellent hiding power, maximum protection against chloride ingress and carbon dioxide diffusion.

KingCoat A100

One component, water based, high performance acrylic protective and decorative coating with a matt finish, excellent long term weathering and UV resistance

6.2 Polyurethane Coating

KingCoat PU

High performance, UV resistant polyurethane based protective coating with semi-gloss finish on steel and concrete surfaces

6.3 Epoxy Coatings

KingCoat EHR

Heat resistant, solvent free epoxy resin protective coating for concrete and steel which can withstand temperatures up to 130°C

6.4 Water Repellent Coatings

KingCoat WR

Ready for use, single component water-based silane/siloxane water repellent protective coating for concrete, stone and cementitious products

KingCoat SR

Ready for use, single component solvent based silane/siloxane water repellent coating for concrete, stone and cementitious products

KingCoat K

Ready for use, single component, water-based silicone used to impart water repellency for mineral construction materials