Engineering Services


KINGKRETE ENGINEERING SERVICES is a leading provider of specialized contracting services in World. KINGKRETE ENGINEERING SERVICES is approved applicator for KINGKRETE World; we provide specialized equipment, materials and services to the engineering community.

KINGKRETE ENGINEERING SERVICES commenced business in the early part in all Country with presence of KINGKRETE ENGINEERING Services dedicated to providing superior service and quality to our customers by maintaining a strong working relationship with the manufacturers and distributors of the products used. As a result, our customers have the warranty that we stand not only behind our work but also behind our material providers.

KINGKRETE ENGINEERING SERVICES provides the following services all over World:

⦁ Protective Coating
⦁ Industrial Flooring
⦁ Waterproofing
⦁ Concrete Repair
⦁ Sealing Joints
⦁ Heat Insulation
⦁ Injection System
⦁ Structural Strengthening
⦁ Anchoring & Grouting

KINGKRETE SERVICES always provides expertise to ensure the proper application of products, and to advise on any changes required in the details to ensure proper application and full utilization of products.

KINGKRETE SERVICES understands the individual needs and requirements of every project and works hand-in-hand with architects, engineers and general contractors to ensure proper materials are utilized in every case. Our crew of contracts engineers fully understand the importance of properly detailing all grade waterproofing and proceeding in a timely manner to avoid delays in construction.

Our corporate experience and the individual skills of our foremen and workforce are the key to a successful job. We know what materials and techniques will yield the highest performance for specific conditions and budgets. KINGKRETE SERVICES is always available to advise clients on the methods most appropriate for cost and time savings.

The best evidence of our successful craftsmanship is the long list of repeat customers, owners, contractors and construction managers who invite us to work on their projects.

Protective Coating: for concrete and steel includes:

Protective Coating: for concrete and steel includes:

⦁ Epoxy coating and lining system.
⦁ Polyurethane coating.
⦁ Concrete Coating for weathering and chloride protection.

Flooring Systems including:

⦁ Coating of wide variety and products.
⦁ Self-leveling epoxy and cementitious products.
⦁ Trowel applied epoxy, polyurethane vinyl ester and cementitious floors.

The long experience in the field has developed methods of application, which ensure durability and best finish for products applied, allowing for full utilization of the products advantages. We utilize the latest grit-blasting technique for surface preparation to ensure we give our clients the optimum quality in flooring

Water proofing for water retaining structures:

Waterproofing of water retaining structures with cementitious and epoxy coatings including treatment and sealing the expansion joints, repair of weak areas and treatment of construction and cold joints.

Waterproofing: For roofs and underground structures including:

⦁ Torch applied membranes.
⦁ Self –adhesive membranes.
⦁ Spray waterproofing.
⦁ Liquid applied membranes

Concrete Repair: a wide and varied field including:

⦁ Reinstatement of structural elements, including high and low flow product, trowel repair.
⦁ Repair of damaged concrete due to steel corrosion, including electrochemical repair and protection.

Joint Sealing:

⦁ Sealing the expansion and control joints in the floors and walls using wide range of sealing compounds
⦁ Joint treatment with performed joints and joints covers.
⦁ Joints repair and joints cutting.

Heat insulation of roofs including:

⦁ Lightweight Concrete.
⦁ Extruded Polystyrene Systems

Injection Systems

⦁ Injection of cracked concrete.
⦁ Injection for the wet cracks.

Structural Strengthening

⦁ Installations of heavy-duty structural strengthening system based on carbon Fibers, CFRP is a number of products based on CFRP plates & Wraps for use with reinforced concrete, masonry, stonework, aluminum and timber.

Anchoring & Grouting

⦁ Installations of heavy-duty structural with Epoxy Anchoring system, Re-Bar Grouting System.

⦁ Cementitious Base Grouting
⦁ Epoxy Grouting
⦁ Anchor Grouting