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KingKrete Inc

It was an idea that would transform the construction industry. Instead of supplying mortars and concrete as onsite mixes as was the case in the past, the American construction engineer visionary and entrepreneur Arthur C. Avril hit upon the idea in 1980 of manufacturing the ingredients as exact formulae for ready mixed drymortar mixes on an industrial scale.

In 1981, Arthur C. Avril established a new company to manufacture a single product – Non Shrink Grout – for use by the rapidly expanding national highway and road system. The product become known as KingKrete Grout in 1982 and 3 rectangular mortar bags placed over one another – was adopted as the company’s image.

The innovation in this idea was that it not only improved theindividual technical characteristics in a product category, but simultaneously redefined the full onsite sequence of events. This brought with it a host of advantages – namely timesaving, improved performance  and  lower   costs.  In  concrete   terms: industrial ready mixed dry mortar has made manufacturing easier and faster and the results safer and   better.  Even  today,  professional   builders still assess the quality of a product or system on the basis of workability and result. Back to basics. Durable, non-depreciating, optimum structural and living environment properties: mineral mortars with their natural raw materials such as sand, marble, quartz and limestone have been a popular choice for centuries. That’s why they are still held in the highest esteem by architects and builders today.

From the beginning, KingKrete Inc. was determined to play a leadership role in the concrete construction industry. The company built a reputation for quality, service and integrity among architects, engineers and contractors in the construction industry and is known today for its broad line of high performance, premium grade construction products for use in, on, around and under concrete

Technical centers across KingKrete network also ensure that professionals and consumers alike are provided with the most innovative and highest quality products available on the market. KingKrete Inc. offers hundreds of professional grade and consumer products including concrete mixes, mortar mixes, cements, concrete repair products, stuccos, floor underlayments, tile setting systems, pavers, retaining wall systems, precast structural products, hardscapes, blacktop products, sand and aggregates, and other seasonal items. These products have been used on many landmark building and refurbishing projects like the Statue of Liberty, U.S. Capitol, Alcatraz Island, Frank Lloyd Wright House, National Museum of the American Indian, Daytona International Speedway, George W. Bush Presidential Center and San Francisco Bay Bridge.